Rental Laws – What REALTORS Need to Know! Are you Ready for a DOS Audit?

The Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act: One Year Later, Fair Housing Issues:  The Protected Classes…Can You Name them?   What’s Up DOS!!!  Can You Survive a DOS Audit?   In this session we will examine the impact of the Tenant Proctection Action on the real estate brokerage industry; are firms handling tenant commissions different in light of the DOS Guidance Statement which has been temporarily stayed by the Court?    Has this legislation impacted the rental market and your business?  Fair housing issues should always be in the forefront of every office and understand and identifying the protected classes is a sure fire way to reduce risk…and it’s good business!   In light o the Newsday articles, the Department of State is taking a more active role in monitoring real estate offices and policies and procedures, not only in Fair Housing, but in all facets of licensing laws.  Are you prepared for an audit?   Let’s talk about getting you ready!