Terry Watson CRS, GRI

Terry Watson Seminars

Terry Watson is the “AHA guy”, who makes Realtors aware of ways, consciously or unconsciously of ways they sabotage their businesses and their lives. Terry provides ridiculously effective and easily implementable strategies. In short, Terry gives his audience the tools they need to get out of their own way while making them laugh till they snort in the process.

Terry is also a CSP, Certified Speaking Professional. The CSP is the speaking profession’s International measure of speaking experience and skill, earned from the National Speakers Association. This is a really big deal since there are less than 600 speakers with the CSP designation in the universe. Terry’s unique and vibrant presentations are powerful, positive and results based. He teaches audiences how to improve their business,  relationships with both clients and consumers, close transactions more efficiently and work smarter, not harder.   Soon after you start listening to Terry’s presentation you will be saying, “ I can’t believe I didn’t know that” or “I haven’t laughed this hard in years” or “I am so glad I am here”.  Buckle up.  You’re in for a wild ride with Terry Watson.