Session Types: Afternoon Agent Session

Supercharge Your Marketing and Lead Generation Strategy to Dominate the Market!

Get ready for a faced paced session with Barb who provided this session at NAR with top reviews!    You will learn how to create a personalized marketing approach that converts;  How ot drive repeat and referral business through effective nutruing and targeting marketing and strategies for using social media to engage with your contacts and reach new prospects.    If you want to up your marketing game to increase lead generation, this session is a must!

Hot Sauce, Please!! Proven Strategies to Spice Up your Real Estate Market

Fasten your seat belts and get ready for a firehose of ideas, examples and cutting-edge software and technology designed to explode your business. In this session, you’ll learn creative new ways to generate more leads, earn more opportunities and turn prospects into friends and friends into clients. Whether you’re a new agent, a team leader or a seasoned veteran with years of experience and the scars to prove it, there’s something in this session for everyone. Key takeaway…. Receive 3 BIG strategies to improve your marketing efforts and generate more leads!

Commercial Real Estate Overview for the Resi-mmercial Agent: Why Aren’t you Getting that Business?

Opportunity awaits in commercial real estate, whether investor or advisor to customers or clients!    Learn how to diversify your business and introduce commercial real estate into your practice as another source of income for your business portfolio.   In this fast paced session, you will receive a general overview of commercial property, terms and classes.   With a slight pivot in mindset and eye for diversification, the opportunities are endless and bountiful.