Session Types: Afternoon Agent Session

Everything You Wanted to Know About Commercial Real Estate, But Were Afraid to Ask!

Do you want to know what a triple net lease is? How to determine the Net operating income (NOI)? Learn the definition of a Cap rate?    This session will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the essentials and fundamentals of Commercial Real estate and how it differs from residential real estate.  You will be able to distinguish, understand and discover the various types of commercial properties, terms, valuation methods, marketing and resources required to enter the world of commercial real estate.  Discussion will include the process of locating commercial properties for various uses, the important features clients look for, and the process of showing the property and negotiating the business terms and leases.  We will explore current trends impacting commercial real estate and discuss ways to break into this niche real estate industry.



Negotiation: The Principles of Persuasion

Negotiation is an exercise in wielding influence. If you control the context of the negotiation, or the flow of information, or the posture of the participants, you can influence the result.  In this session, Joe Rand will teach you a completely different approach to negotiation, one that focuses on the way our minds process information and how you can avoid falling victim to the cognitive biases that can undermine clear thinking.  Learn how to resist tactics that try to anchor you to a starting position; or to frame your negotiation to your own disadvantage;  or to use imagery to influence your thinking.  Ultimately, by the end of this session, you’ll be a better decision-maker and a better negotiator!

The Modern Real Estate Professionals Guide to Listing Success

With so many platforms and so little time, where should you focus your online efforts? Get a blueprint for maximizing your ROI and tips on how to target your ideal clients. Facebook Live Engagement exceeds all other types of posts on Facebook by gigantic margins. Stories are the fastest growing form of content in the history of the internet. Today more people use messaging apps daily then they do social media.

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