Agent Sessions
Wrap Up
  • Full Speed Ahead!

    Speaker: Vince Poscente - Vince Poscente Seminars, Inc.

    Vince Poscente knows about speed and focus.    In the Albertville Winter Olympics, he skied at 135 mph.    What is more amazing, at the age of 26, he was a recreational skier and in four short years, he was competing for Gold.    Vince, an award-winning REALTOR, is now a Hall of Fame speaker.      In his keynote session, he will share insights from his NY Times Bestselling book, The Age of Speed.     Vince shares his success stories and skills used to get him to his goals, both as a Realtor and as an award winning Olympian.     You will learn how video marketing can give you a competitive advantage,   how to build loyalty with customers and clients and speed past the “naysayers” in this industry.       With his unique competitive strategies,   you will not be distracted by inventory challenges or an ever-changing, digital landscape.    The bottom line with Vince’s signature wit and wisdom is 90 minutes packed with entertainment, motivation and most of all, the tools you can use to thrive in today’s competitive market.

  • Morning Broker/Manager Session

    6 Easy Steps to Increase Market Share & Profitability

    The quickest way for any broker or manager to dramatically increase market share and profitability is to recruit the best  agents.  While brokers know they should recruit continually, most do not. This presentation is designed to give a new perspective on recruiting when Judy LaDeur shows you how to master the process of building a profitable office.


    • The formula for increasing market position by $100 million or more in just one year.
    • The 3 most effective systems to build relationships with the agents you want.
    • What experienced agents are looking for and how to get their attention.
    • What the top producers want! It’s not money… but it does help them make more money!
    • What it takes to get them is what it takes to keep them. Stop the revolving door!

    (1.5 hours of NYS CE credit pending)


  • Morning Agent Sessions

    Operation Outsource: Master Efficiency Using Technology

    Speaker: Crystal Washington, CRS, GRI - Crystal Washington Seminars, Inc.

    In an increasingly busy world, Realtors are often left wishing for more hours in the day to service clients, grow their business  and take care of personal obligations.   Inventive Realtors understand that utilizing technology–including social media, Google, and key apps–is the only way to increase efficiency while improving performance.    Uncover fresh “spy tricks” unknown to 99% of Internet users for gaining valuable leads and discover secrets for strengthening lucrative professional relationships.    In this fun and high-energy program, you will discover how to ride the wave of technology and change to ensure business and productivity outcomes and more rest and relaxation!

    Approved for 1.5 hrs. NYS CE credit

    7 Ways to Create Predictable Listing and Buyer Leads

    Speaker: Jared James, CRS, GRI - Jared James Seminars, Inc.

    Most real estate professionals are acting as marketers differently than they are behaving as consumers. If you want to create predictable real estate leads then this has to stop. Come learn the specific strategies to follow in 21st century world to remain the consumers best option moving forward and create predictable buyer and seller leads.

    Approved for 1.5 hrs. NYS CE credit


    Buyer Brokerage that Really DOES Benefit All!

    Speaker: Terry Watson, CRS, GRI - Easify, Inc.

    Let’s face it;   many buyers are not represented properly and decisions can be made for the agents benefit resulting in confusion, misinformation and damaged relationships.     Learn methods and techniques for obtaining long-term client and even customer commitment.    Learn the tools and resources needed to convert the typical buyers into a buyer client seeking representation from you!    Know what to do, what not to do, how to overcome the crippling fear of posing “the question” let go of  your perceived pressures and much more.    Turn prospects into committed buyer clients and stop working on the honor system.  It truly does benefit all!

    Approved for 1.5 hrs NYS CE credits 

    Taking the Fear Factor out of the New Tax Laws for Realtors, Investors and Homebuyers!

    Knowledge reduces fear.  Key information could mean the difference between buying a home and deciding to rent.   In this session, you will learn about the new tax laws and its effect on real estate.   Learn how to handle customer and client concerns, how to get properties sold when taxation is potentially an issue and how the new laws effect the sales process.   In addition, we will also discuss how buy and hold rentals are taxed, as well as,  rehabs and flips.  Don’t miss this “Made Simple” tax session for Realtors!

    Approved for 1.5 hrs. NYS CE credit


    Afternoon Agent Sessions

    Global:  The Next Million Millionaire Real Estate Buyers … Fair Housing Makes this Happen Here and Around the World!.

    In this session, you will learn about the fast growing global business marketplace and how you can expand your business to include global housing opportunities.   Home buyers across the Globe, with a focus on China’s growing middle class market are seeking housing in the US and NY with initiative to have decent housing for all families by 2025.    Hear the latest global real estate activity statistics, what’s driving the global market, fairness in housing opportunity, diversity of customers and clients and more.  

    1.5 hr. NYS CE pending

    How to Build Your Business to Sell It and Position Yourself to be the Agent of Choice!

    Did you know that you can sell your real estate business at the end of your career  or at any time that you no longer want to sell real estate?    Most agents are selling their business for $100,000.00 or more!   Selling your business is easy, but you must have a salable business which is something you start working on NOW to ensure you can sell it THEN.    Learn specific steps needed to build your business, components necessary, how to set up your CRM properly, establish value, the “one thing” you must do to guarantee referral business and  how to get paid when selling your book of business.

    Approved for 1.5 hrs. NYS CE credit


    Top 7 Things You Do that Annoy Your Clients!

    Speaker: Terry Watson, CRS, GRI - Easify, Inc.

    After speaking with thousands of Buyers and Sellers, the same 7 complaints always come up.      After speaking with thousands of Realtors, the same response comes up which is “gee, I didn’t know that annoyed them that much”.   Buyers and sellers often feel that we did not add enough value and we did not protect them from foreseeable harm.    This course will examine the multiple ways we harm our customers and clients by not providing proper and adequate information and disclosures.    Find out the 7 top complaints and what the buyers and sellers of today require.    Terry will provide the tools  and best proven practices for exceeding customer and client expectations to ensure a smoother transaction and future business.  Get ready for great info and fun with Terry.   Approved for 1.5 hrs. NYS CE credit

    Top 3 Tactics for Increased Social Media Leads and Referrals

    Speaker: Crystal Washington, CRS, GRI - Crystal Washington Seminars, Inc.

    In this session,  you will learn how to reach very specific market segments using social networks to target potential buyers, specific generations, locations and more to increase sales and referrals!   In this high-energy program, you will  learn how to use re-targeting to capture the prospects who would normally get away, how to effectively gear social media ads to your intended audiences only and how to customize social media experiences for each of your customers and clients.   Learn how to stop wasting time and be strategic in reaching prospects and results!

     Approved for 1.5 hrs. NYS CE credit

    How to Convert Your Leads Like a Boss!

    Many real estate professionals have become accustomed to an industry where the majority of transactions used to be referral based. This has lead to frustrations with how difficult it can be to convert a lead from the internet. Come learn the exact strategies to follow and words to use when dealing with 21st century consumers so you can start converting leads like a boss!

    Approved for 1.5 hrs. NYS CE credit



  • EdTalk: “What’s the One Thing?” Sponsored by LIBOR’s YPN

    Moderator: Terry Watson, CRS, GRI - Easify, Inc.

    Terry Watson, Moderator

    Join us for a special YPN Top Producer Success Panel moderated by Terry Watson entitled “What’s the One Thing”.     There is always that “one thing” that highly successful agents “do” each day that they attribute toward their success.    In this insightful fun session, Terry will pose the “one thing” questions to top producing agents to reveal those habits.   Find out what helped move their business forward, increase their income and take them to the next level of success.   Bring your questions.  We’re getting the info, Terry style!


    Amy Donnelly, Coach Real Estate Associates, Inc

    Jessica Akde Elmazi, Anne Donohue Real Estate

    Bryan Karp, RE/MAX Eastern Properties

    Beth Lowe, Exit Realty Achieve

    Diallo Stevens, Keller Williams Gold Coast