Agent Sessions
Wrap Up
  • Morning Broker/Manager Session

    How Brokers Fight Back

    Speaker: Joseph Rand -

    The real estate brokerage industry has changed, and brokers need to change with it. The broker value proposition is under attack from aggressive business models that have dramatically changed the broker-agent dynamic from mutually beneficial partnerships to vendor-client transactional relationships. So how should brokers fight back? By updating that value proposition to reflect what the agent of today needs from a broker.  In this session, drawing from his award-winning book Disruptors, Discounters, and Doubters, Inman News contributor and RIS Media Newsmaker Joe Rand will show you how to articulate this new value proposition to retain your agents, recruit new ones, and enrich your brokerage.  

  • Morning Agent Sessions

    How to Win the Listing Every Time

    Speaker: Jared James -

    Winning a silver medal in most sports is an honor but taking 2nd place in real estate gets you nothing. Unfortunately,  too many agents are relying on tactics from 20 years ago to win listings today and their potential sellers see right through it.   The quality of the questions that you ask will always determine the quality of the answers that you get.    In HOW TO WIN THE LISTING EVERY TIME,  Jared will break down the exact words, phrases and strategies to use to get your potential sellers to focus on your process, not your price, and know that you are the best option for them to get their highest price in the shortest amount of time.     This session is described as the “JEDI FORCE” of listings training!  

    Approved for 1.5 hours NYS CE credit


    The Psychology of Lead Conversion: Empathy, Value & Video

    Speaker: Steve Pacinelli - BombBomb

    All the money’s in lead conversion. But relying on the same tactics will give you the same results. In this session, you’ll learn how to “pre-suade” your prospects, so they are more likely to engage with your messaging. You’ll discover 3 simple frameworks for getting attention, crafting quality messaging, and building trust with your prospects. Above all, you’ll come away with language that sells while building strong relationships, and not coming off as a pushy salesperson.


    Afternoon Agent Sessions

    Social Media “101”

    Speaker: Jared James -

    If you’ve ever wondered what platforms you should be active on, what types of social media posts you should posting, which tools are proven to be most effective and so much more… then this is the session is for you.    With social media making up over 52% of all web traffic,  it is no longer a matter of should you be active; It’s just a matter of how active should you be and whats the best use of your time.   If done correctly, social media will take your business to the next level, building your reputation and instantly connect you with potential buyers and sellers.    Come ready to learn and implement the latest social media tips and skills needed to improve in an area that is a MUST for any top producer moving forward.   Fast paced with tons of information.

    Approved for 1.5 hours of NYS CE credit

    Agents Fight Back: 10 Ways to Resist Disruption

    Speaker: Joseph Rand -

    The industry is changing, are you changing with it? Real estate agents are being challenged by disruptors trying to change our business model, discounters who are undermining our compensation structure, and the doubters who weaken our resolve from within. How do we fight back?  By modernizing our value proposition to recognize that clients need a totally different array of services than the ones we provided 20 years ago. In this session, drawing from his award-winning book Disruptors, Discounters, and Doubters, Inman News contributor and RIS Media Newsmaker Joe Rand will highlight ten ways that real estate agents can thrive in this new market reality.

    10 Ideas for Creating a Winning Client Experience

    Speaker: Leigh Brown - Leigh Brown Seminars

    What happens when your real estate business gets busy?   Do you have details falling through the cracks?  Able to take time off?   Having an organized plan for lead generation, incubation, conversion, closing, and post-closing is key to creating a positive client experience while increasing your income!  It’s not a sexy topic but if you want to make more money and drive more profit in your real estate business while creating the BEST client relationships, then this fast paced class is for you.  Attendees will leave with a cohesive plan which will have a positive impact on client satisfaction and your business!      This is one of Leigh’s most requested sessions by REALTORS®.

    Approved for 1.5 hours NYS CE credit